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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello World

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you all doing great.Unfortunately i have rotated my back in a wrong position and because of that  my back is hurting and I can't concentrate about " World Ballons " . I am sorry of  all this Delay. Hope to be back very soon. 

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful  

Friday, June 25, 2010

25th june 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Great, Awesome ,Wonderful &Amazing World :

It's has been an exhausting week started with Monday " Dentisttttttt" & as Nieves as I am. I though this upcoming Monday is my last visit to the dentist.But No! No! .  I have two appointments left . One is on  this upcoming Monday & the second one the following Monday. So please pray for me.I hope i will survive.

On Tuesday, I met the truss for my left leg. Which face the difficulty while raising the feet up. He will make a Fur for my shoes which will help me raising my feet easier & then he discovered a whole new thing , which is wrong in my body.Guess what my right leg is 1.2 cm shorter then my left leg. How can a cover girl of Denmark MS society Magazine have one leg shorter then the other.Even though everyone is saying this is quite normal but i don't think so. So he need to lift my shoes on the right side 1.2 cm. As if MS it's self was not enough.

 The rest of the week .  GYM, GYM , GYM & Gym. Now I'm looking forward that it's weekend  I hope you all have big plans & i hope all of you will enjoy your weekend. I will sit at home & cry over my 1.2 cm shorter leg :) .

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Sunday, June 20, 2010

20th june 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Awesome world,

I hope you all had a great weekend & enjoyed.I been OK.But for the last couple of days felt like cold ( flu ) is on the way. So i been hanging , wear two warm sweater , a pair of socks & I'm under the blanket.But i still feel like its cold. I think because i have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I don't think that anyone like the dentist.In this month it's my second visit there & hopefully next Monday will be the last.

Let me share some one my progress with you guys:
I can walk 25 meters with the walker & very less breaks then before.
I started pushing  22.5 Kg  in four sets , and each set has 12 pushes.
I started to train my back and stomach.So i can keep the balance while standing & moving & believe me that is hard.
Those stuff has be the progress of this week & tomorrow i also have a appointment with a truss to see if he has anything which can help me to lift my feet easier.I hope you all enjoy what's left in your weekend.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16th June 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Awesome World,

I hope you all doing well & enjoying your time & this sun because I am enjoying it.I am sitting in my room with my laptop on my legs. I open the window before Fresh air is coming in & I can hear the birds sing & the kids are playing out-side.Right in-front of me , I have a souvenir which i brought home with me from  Katowice. The souvenir is a snow globe with a little dragon figure in the middle.Mica snow in it. Katowice is known for this Dragon.Every time i look at it. Or i start shacking it. I get a satisfaction feeling.For me it's a souvenir of liberation,It present the time when i came out of  my shell.That's very much meaningful for me.Because i felt that i have gotten a whole new chance.Many people might think,I am naive or hopeful for nothing.But this time i am choosing to do something, where it feels truly right for my physical & my mind.That keeping on what i am doing now.

Two day ago there was an article in a Danish news paper about me & two other guys. which also were liberated in Poland.One with the Dr. K  & one with doctor Simka.The out come of that article was that we are happy that we got the liberation treatment.In that article there we also the point of view from the head of Danish health department. Where he had chosen to say , That he doesn't believe on liberation , but who can know this better then us. Or  is it him or many others?

The whole idea of this blogging is to share the experience of this liberation & many be give the courage to soo many other MS'er out there.Alot of you guys called me or Emailed me or send messages on facebook while gave me the courage to continue this.I get smile on my lips every-time i feel like my words touches someone soul .I hope that my experiences & my point of view make sense . So all you guys can use some of it.I am deeply great-full for each  & everyone of you. Who use their precious time to read this blog and thank me.Because i never though that this blog will reach here where it is now.

I better go and get ready for the gym now.I will update about it later on in the week. Take good Care :).

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Friday, June 11, 2010

11th June 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Awesome World,

I have not been around for a couple of days.I been busy with family,friends & gym.Let me start with the news of the gym.

1. I start walking with the walker 14 meters.
2. I bicycle on 4th gear for six minutes.
3. I made 36 pushes with my feet using 22.5 Kg weight.
4. I start talking small distance inside the home with the walker.
5. My Article came out a couple of days ago.

So when we look at it i had some great days. with different kind of joys.Last week i went to cinema & watched " Sex & the city  Movie -2" .By the way it was a real good movie.

Now we are heading the weekend again & I'm hoping for so much  sun shine because almost all week it was rainy & I'm also excited about this upcoming Monday because there will be another article about Me & some others regard CCSVI in the Danish News Paper " BT". I am hoping that our voices will be heard.I hope you all have some good plans for this weekend :)

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

MS News UpDate from World ballons.

Liberated' from MS:
Link: http://www.simcoe.com/news/article/831126--liberated-from-ms

Seattle Times: MS patient throwing "grand party" to benefit UB research on the disease :
Link: http://www.buffalo.edu/news/11441

This is MS Forum:

Latest MS News:
Link: http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm/fuseaction/show/pageid/2479

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My ( Mona Alahverdi ) Interview With Denmark MS Society

Mona Alahverdi ( Aarhus, DK)  interviewed to MS Society of Denmark about MS & her Liberated life.

 Interview Of :    Mona Alahverdi
Interview By :    Peter P. Christensen

Interview Web-Link : 

 "Liberated Mona"
The magazine has followed Mona Alahverdi since she decided to go to Poland and to undergo an intervention due to a narrowing of a vein in the neck. A condition called CCSVI, which has set the world of Sclerosis at the other end .
Text by Peter P. Christensen
"Have you Sclerosis?" Mona Alahverdi leans back in her chair and smiles slightly. It is the last question, she gets one and a half hour long interview. She sits in an armchair in the house in Skødstrup and have been told about it last month's experiences. "No ... I have no more. I do not think so. I've had it, but now it's out. Now I have to train my body up again. " This article is based on several interviews with Mona. Experiences, change in her condition and conclusions are her own.
In September 2008, the Mona went back to her home country Iran to see if she could get better there. At that time, she lived six years with the diagnosis sclerosis. She had tried beta interferon-treatment had no effect and she would try something else. In Tehran there is a large Sclerosis Center, who offered her intensive physical training five days a week. After three months in Iran end her residence with her own words she "to Iran in a wheelchair and homes with toxic". She went home with a feeling that she could do something to get better, that she herself might influence the disease.
Back in Denmark went the better in the beginning, but from spring 2009 it began to go worse. In the summer she was at Sclerosis Center Ry, where she trained and became better, she did not think it was enough and in the big picture was still downhill. December 2009 Mona spent on the Internet. Here she read about Paolo Zamboni and state CCSVI. At first thought she was not on it, but the more she read, the more sense it began to provide for her.
Around the turn of 2009-10, she decided on surgery. She tried to get time to scan in some of Zambonis teams but waiting times were too long. She came up with several places in Poland, where surgery is carried out but here it was waiting times too long. Mona rang 3-4 times each day to Dr. Kostecki from a private hospital in Tychy near Katowice in Poland, while she chatted with her Danish doctor who told her about risk and uncertainty about surgery in Poland. Mona considered long, but decided that she would be scanned. If the scan showed constriction, she would be ready for action.
Here comes the magazine in contact with Mona.
1st March 2010 - Mona get time in Poland

Mona speaks with Dr. Jacek Kostecki. In her words, he succumbed to her many phone calls. He has a hole in the calendar. She will have time to scan the 23th March. If her throat, she can get surgery.

12th March 2010 - the first interview - 11 days to Poland

Mona explains over the phone that she should be off to Poland and that she did not think she has time to wait for "evidence of interference". "Basically, it can only get better. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I have not so many opportunities. If I can just get one hour of freedom, then it's worth it. I am willing to take chances, "she says.

19th March 2010 - 4 days to Poland

Mona said from Aahrus that she is ready for departure. When asked whether she is nervous about the risks of an operation not recommended by the Danish experts, she replies: "I know that has reported one death, but I believe in destiny. If I die, so was the way it should be "

23rd March - departure to Katowice, Poland

Mona travels to Poland with her mother, Sally. At the airport they will be fetched by an interpreter who also works as a driver. They have purchased a package solution to approx. 32,000 crowns, which includes scanning, perhaps. interventions, hotel and transportation. They reside in a hotel in Tychy, and Mona is uneasy. She has not slept in two days and her only thought is "Let me have the throat!". Already in the evening becoming Mona scanned. She's throat. Even a big one, says the doctor. She gets time for action four days later - and start immediately on blood thinners. "I was very tired - and excited. I almost fell on by exhaustion, but also of joy. "
24th March - Poland

Scan to double check and filling out various forms. The next day spent shopping in Katowice with Sally, Mona's mother.
27th March

Mona remembers days clear: She had been hospitalized in the morning. There were four who had surgery, and Mona came in at number three. Surgery can be done with angioplasty or stents. "I would not have stents. Before me was the one received stents, so I was nervous that they would give me stents. When I came in, I took my ipod on. I could still not understand a word of what they said. I was stunned local (balloon expansion is via the groin, ed.). I noticed twice a warm feeling through your body, "says Mona, explaining that the surgery took 50 minutes.
28th March. Day 1 as "liberated Mona"

"I woke up refreshed and well rested. I was checked for blood pressure and talked with the doctor. At noon we went back to the hotel. Sunday afternoon I discovered a small blood stain on the quilt. My mum rang the doctor, who stood with us ten minutes later. The blood was the blood-thinning medication, and he changed the dressing, "says Mona. Interference against CCSVI called by many "liberation" procedure (emancipation process, ed.) After surgery Mona Sign with "liberated Mona." Mona and her mother waiting knowingly few days in Poland, before flying home, because she just had surgery. Days used for sight seeing. Four days after surgery they fly home.
Changes after Poland

"The first thing I noticed was the warm fingers and toes. I have not seen in several years. My fingers were pink and got the color back. Then stop my hand shaking. I got a plastic Cup filled with tea and I drank it. Previously, I should have a big mug only half full, because I shook. I did not think about it, but my mom saw it and was totally flabbergasted, "you drank it?" She said, "explains Mona and says that her spasms are down to one tenth of what they were before. Balance is also improved.
4th May - more than one month after Poland

Mona is sitting in the house in Skødstrup outside Aarhus. She explains the change, she has registered. "My balance is much better. My body is not so heavy anymore. Now I can work out a long time. Before I could only train for 20 minutes. Now I can train in one hour and ten minutes. I have been more fresh and sleep less at night. My bladder works better. I had three relapses in autumn 2009. I have not had anything since the surgery, "she says.

Mona explains that she believes that the very existence of the psyche. That believing in something of great importance for the outcome. She smiles, then next question is whether her improvement not now also be due to the psyche.

"Yes, some of it, but some of the things I have seen, can not therefore be explained by the psyche," she says.
To Paolo Zamboni not talking about surgery as a cure for sclerosis affects not Mona. "For me it has worked. Sclerosis is an individual disease. For some it will not work, but it has worked for me, "she says.
20th May - six weeks after surgery
Mona coach still intense. Improvements are still the same, she explains. Now she bikes in second gear - weeks before it was without gear.

Mona is now worried that restriction comes back. It will be an eternal restlessness in her. All in all, she is nervous about long-term impact. Everyday life goes with intensive training. "I do not know," she replies to the question what the future brings. But she believes that every one should be offered to scan in Denmark, all with sclerosis should be able to scan in the Danish health system. About the surgery she says:
"It is not safe, it works for everyone, but it works for me."
About Mona Alahverdi
Mona is 30 years. She was born in Iran but came to Denmark as nine years old. She has a degree from Aarhus Business School and an NLP training .. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis as a 23-year-old After training, she worked at TDC, since in a software company, and after she received an NLP training, but 26-year-old, she took early retirement. The magazine follows Mona Alahverdi going to see how her condition develops. Read more in the magazine in future.

You can follow Mona's life on her blog: http://worldballons.blogspot.com/

Friday, June 4, 2010

MS News Updates -4th June 1985 worldballons.blogspot.com

Doc's 'breakthrough' needs Ottawa's help.

Link:     http://thebarrieexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2607442

The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS.

Link:     http://www.ctv.ca/w5/

MS drug trial 'a fiasco' – and NHS paid for it.

Link:    http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/ms-drug-trial-a-fiasco-ndash-and-nhs-paid-for-it-1991104.html

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd June 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Sunny World,

I hope you are all doing good & enjoy this beautiful life, which God has gifted to us.

Until Today I am still able of bicycling on third gear & sit on a ball for some where between 35 to 37 seconds. Instead of  walking in a walking path inside, I started taking slow step outside with the help of a walker. I walk may be around 10 meters.But it was awesome to take those steps in fresh air.I start pushing 20 Kg with both of my feet.So the progress is on the way.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the gym very early in the morning.Then out shopping with Mom & then we are going to Cinema  to see the movie "  Sex & the City - Movie 2 " . I been waiting for this one since number one came out :). In this week I watched alot of movies & one of them was " Prince of  Persia " & that was also a real good movie.OK Now I'm not only the weather reporter but also the movie critic as well.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Latest MS News Update's 2nd june 2010

MS patients tell MPs about life after 'liberation' 

23rd March 2010

23rd of March 2010:

I could not get any sleep last night. I was so excited because i had a question in my mind , Do i need any Surgery?We
( Me & Mom ) checked into Hotel Arena , In Tyche . The travel agency had sent Peter to pick-up me and Mom from the Airport.There was one hour drive from Airport to the Hotel. Now i was in the hotel & i was " One Step Closer to Take a Step" . I Decided to rest two hours Before I needed to go to the Ultra-Scan.

Peter came back to drive us to the hospital. Another lady is coming with us. Her name is Phoebe , She is from United Kingdom. I had sent her a report about CCSVI almost a month ago. Here We Are, Sharing the same Cap to meet Dr. Jacek Kostecki for the very first time.The man which will change my life and give me my freedom back.

Every one is so nice here in Poland. Before Dr. Kosctecki i need to visit a neurologist . He asked me several questions, which were asked by several neurologists from the past Six Years.I really didn't care what the neurologists was saying. I am just interested to know,If i have any blocked Vein.The minutes were like long hours for me. Finally Dr. Jacek kostecki called me IN. Literally my heart was jumping out of my body. Me & Mom went inside and shake hands. We exchange some polite words.This was as nice as i heard him on the phone until now. He asked me to lay-down,to start the scanning. I wait for the news so, I can start sucking life back into my cold shaking body.This man is so quite , Please say something because I can hear my own heart beat.And then I could not wait any-more,I have to ask him.So here i go with a shaking voice. Doctor, Do I need a Surgery? He start by saying this " Yes you do" .. Rest i didn't hear because I just needed that " YES " .