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Monday, May 31, 2010

MS News Up-Dates 31st May 2010 By Worldballons.

MS patients eager for a breakthrough surgery are facing more resistance than they expected

 FAST & Forward

Hookworms can help with Multiple Sclerosis, according to British doctor 

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Hello Wonderful & Exciting World,

I hope you all doing fine & enjoying every bit of life.Today I was off from GYM,but I had an apointment for the dentist  &  Goshhh It's painful.

In this weekend, I discovered that i much more easily handle my body now.My legs are much more  flexible.I have a sitting chair in the living room, Which I have used alot for the past one year.Suddenly i could see that I was able to sit on this chair like I was able to sit on this chair one year ago.My legs are not that much heavy any-more.I rotate it easily.I can cross my legs almost easily.

The other change which has surprised me alot is my bladder, First of all I'm not afraid of running to the wash-room all the time & I'm not going there as often as before like a pregnant lady :) :) .

Last night when I posted the video,I was in my own world for a couple of hours. Think of how much courage one person can have & never let  disability stand in the way.I think this man has courage of 100 people.I wish i had a little bit of his courage.But on the other hand he is soo inspiring, That i already got a little bit from his courage.As I have said before nothing is impossible in this world. As long as we use our mind & focused on our targets.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Latest MS News of 28th May 2010

The Best Bet Diet :

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety :

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Hello Awesome World,

I hope you all had a great week & you enjoyed every second of it. Yesterday was the global MS Day & I hope that everyone supported it.Other great news from this week is, I Bicycle on the third gear for six minutes.I sit on a ball without keeping my hands anywhere for 37 seconds.So it has been an amazing week for me.I keep on challenging my self & I keep winning.
I think that's one of the ways to kick this MS.Alot of us MS'ers  often feel like isolated from the world.We stop believing on miracle's  & we feel helpless but if we can learn our self to deal with the fact that MS is in our life.We will reach much more,because miracles still happens , Thanks to Doctor Zomboni. And we should never feel helpless.Because there is so much of this world that we have not seen yet  but we must see it. It will be in this century that the facts about MS patients will be written in history books.
So therefore I think we should fight this ugly disease & kick it out of galaxy. The only place it should be is in the history books.I hope all of you are also challenging your self to reach more.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Thursday, May 27, 2010

World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2010

I support this global movement for World MS day 2010.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Matthew - CCSVI and his Liberation Treatment

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Hello  Shiny World,

This is the first day of the week for me,because yesterday was a official of day for everyone in Denmark.I know as I already told the world,I'm gona sunbath and eat ice-cream. We had the warm weekend but the sun was  hidden under the clouds , and today when I am totally over tired ,the sun is glowing.The only question I have is why  why & why?? 

Now back to the gym ,I think I start getting arm muscles.Kool soon I will look like Arnold :)The exercises of the gym going on a higher level each week.This week I will try to sit on a big ball to see how I can keep my balance. I will share with you guys that how many minutes I can manage to do it.Actually i will also try to bicycle on the third gear to see how it will go?

Now everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Friday, May 21, 2010

21st May 2010 Worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Awesome World,

Another sunny day here in Denmark & guess the weekend is started for most of us  :)  . It depends where in this global village you are.I know that we gone have  an amazing weather this weekend.So i will probably sunbath the whole weekend.This Monday it's a holiday in Denmark.So I'm gona have a long sunny weekend.I would probably be sitting under the sunny with an ice cream in my  hand and enjoying .hahahahah :D .

The gym is going on good.Some days i have more energy then other's. I can see some small differences.But they are coming very slowly.I know it will take some time But come-on  "  Rome was not built  over a night " . Haaaaa  Rome the city of " LOVE " . I will go there when I am able to walk around that beautiful city.Actually i am also dream of Bora Bora. Actually I am dream about alot of stuff at the moment.So this liberation is going to take me all those places & damn i also wanna go to South Africa & Egypt & Morocco & India. Damn i'm gona be a very  buzzy lady.First of all i should go to Poland and get my tweety hand-bag. Who will sponsor me?

The other day I over-viewed the article about me in MS society magazine  in Denmark. HeHe  I'm an exciting person.It sounds so good to read all those stuff about my self :) . When they are done,I will for sure share it here,So that you guys can also read it.So your guys enjoy your weekend & use the natural Vitamin D = Sun.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's News-Updates of MS Worldballons ( 20th May 2010 )

How Corrupted Drug Companies Deceive and Manipulate Your Doctor:

 Link:  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/05/18/how-corrupted-drug-companies-deceive-and-manipulate-your-doctor.aspx?aid=CD945

Finding Liberation in Poland:

Link:  http://www.cbc.ca/informationmorningns/2010/05/finding-liberation-in-poland.html
Acorda Therapeutics Recognized By National Organization For Rare Disorders For Contribution To Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis :

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Hello great , awesome  & wonderful World ,

I need to apologize to all of you because I been lazy and not wrote anything in my daily journal for the past 5 days.It has been a great week but I have been tired.The gym is going very good.I am taking the turtle steps but I know I will reach to my destination.

Last night, I was thinking of , how great full I am? & also Dr. Zomboni  love's his wife so much that he  tried to find the treatment of MS.I really don't know what to write at the moment but I will get back to you sooner.Enjoy the  rest of your day.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Latest Updates about MS ( 15th May 2010)

Speed-up your medical trials for those in need :

Nutrition and Multiple Sclerosis:

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Hello Awesome world,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I am enjoying every bit of this weekend.I had my birthday yesterday. I got my dinner party and  the cocktail party from my family & friends  and i also got some awesome gift's . Which warm my soul .I had to make some difficult decision's last night. I chose to look at the world in another prospective,So that i can get more out-come for my decisions.It was tough & it's still tough because in the end of the day i really didn't want to do it.but I had to do it.

I brought  all my NLP tools UP in me. So it could be easier for me. Some times it's harder to help your self mentally then physically, but as i know my self & I know how my thoughts works. I know i can do it.

I have already taken the first step in to my liberated life.Now all i need to do is , to be ready so that i can take the following steps.I know i have a couple of hard weeks & months ahead of me.But when i think of what i can reach.Then it's all worth it.

Last week I was able to bicycle for 13 minutes in 2nd gear & when i started all of this, i was able to bicycle in Zero gear for ten minutes &  eight months ago i was  not able to do any of it.
So that's how i get the courage to continue. Even though there are very small progresses but for me they are huge.

I also want to use this opportunity  to say thank you to all the family member's as well as all my friends for making my day special.I hope all of you will enjoy the rest of your weekend.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest URL: About MS And CCSVI New's 12th May 2010

Multiple sclerosis: Should I start taking medicines for MS? :
Link : http://www.health.com/health/library/mdp/0,,tf2571,00.html#av2399

Omega Blood Test :
Link:  http://www.essentialhealthclinic.com/website/index.php/clinic/blood-test.html

Omega Immune :
Link:  http://www.essentialhealthclinic.com/website/index.php/clinic/omega-3-information/omega-immune.html

Multiple Sclerosis :
Link:  http://www.essentialhealthclinic.com/website/index.php/clinic/multiple-sclerosis.html

Good New's of the Day

One of my good friend shared this news on facebook
.MS starting community to MS Liberation research and treatment"Great news from Lebanon, a Great Neurologist a real humanitarian is ready to start it very soon Thanks to Kuwaiti patients and doctors. I will give you new information and updating as soon as possible.

New's Update's of 12th May 2010




12th May 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Excellent & Wonder loving World,

Here we are another spring day but rainy, Not Sunny . Even though it's rainy,it's beautiful. You can see all the flowers are jumping out of the winter nap.For me spring has always been a season of new chapter,new life and love. Since I am born in this awesome month May,that's why it's more special for me than other months.

Gym is going very well.Which I my self is very proud of.To get the freedom back , to do small stuff by my self without any help.It means the world to me.

Now I, understand, why they call it as liberated treatment because i really do feel that I'm slowly getting my freedom back.In a way I'm also afraid of my check-up.Because i keep wondering , Is my vein blocked again or should they have used  stent.Or the balloon treatment was enough.

I talked to Phoebe some day's back and she told me that she had jogged  about 100 meter's and that's something she was not able to do for the past one year.It  made me soo happy to see her soo happy about her self.It made me so excited, that I almost forgot my own six stair's story.

Yesterday I took last Polocard pile, I should call  Dr. K Today.To ask him what to do next.

So Everyone Be Happy & enjoy this wonderful life.

Monday, May 10, 2010

News Update's of the day


Sunday, May 9, 2010

10rd May 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

 Hello World,

Good morning everyone. It's a  wonderful Monday after a rainy weekend we have a sunny day :) ... NICE.
This weekend has been wow, It started with that I went over to my sister's place and with a little help, I went up of the stairs, it was really good. And I had a lot of fun with the girls.

I took a shower while I was home alone, I was not afraid to lose my balance.Today  training strats again I'm not as sure anymore, my body has started to get  use it.

I hope everyone will enjoy your week.

                                             Be happy & enjoy this wonderful life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6rd May 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello world  :D

Enduring a beautiful spring morning. This week has been a great week,my interview was on Tuesday and I think  it went really well, but I will find out when the article is printed,I am in the magazine of the MS Society of Denmark on June 15 2010, but I expects that its will be available on-line before.I must remember to paste the article here when it will publish.
I've been to all my trainings and it felt really good. my coach was happy for the small progress there has been made, and  even I was happy :)
                                                 Be happy & enjoy this wonderful life.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Artical - Dealing with MS in Your Important Relationships


CCSVI News Update - worldballons.blogspot.com

3rd May 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello World,

This is the beginning of a new week & I think it's gona be an awesome week.First of all I have a big interview with the MS society of Denmark tomorrow.I don't know what to wear,I been checking my closet whole weekend but I can't figure it out :).
The gym started again today as well & I am exercising around 1 hour and 10 minutes.The most awesome thing about gym has been lately, that I have bicycle around 12 to 13 minutes non-stop.I guess I am heading the top very soon.Some of the moments I have now are not as good as they were right after first week of my liberation but on some other areas, I become stronger.I also feel like I eat more then I use to.That is probably because I am using my body much more.The ride on the scooter to and from the Gym is going very well.I hope I can continue in the same good sprite and energy.I wish you all a very good start of this new born week.Catch up with you all very soon.Be happy & enjoy this wonderful life.

23rd March 2010

23rd of March 2010:

I could not get any sleep last night. I was so excited because i had a question in my mind , Do i need any Surgery?We
( Me & Mom ) checked into Hotel Arena , In Tyche . The travel agency had sent Peter to pick-up me and Mom from the Airport.There was one hour drive from Airport to the Hotel. Now i was in the hotel & i was " One Step Closer to Take a Step" . I Decided to rest two hours Before I needed to go to the Ultra-Scan.

Peter came back to drive us to the hospital. Another lady is coming with us. Her name is Phoebe , She is from United Kingdom. I had sent her a report about CCSVI almost a month ago. Here We Are, Sharing the same Cap to meet Dr. Jacek Kostecki for the very first time.The man which will change my life and give me my freedom back.

Every one is so nice here in Poland. Before Dr. Kosctecki i need to visit a neurologist . He asked me several questions, which were asked by several neurologists from the past Six Years.I really didn't care what the neurologists was saying. I am just interested to know,If i have any blocked Vein.The minutes were like long hours for me. Finally Dr. Jacek kostecki called me IN. Literally my heart was jumping out of my body. Me & Mom went inside and shake hands. We exchange some polite words.This was as nice as i heard him on the phone until now. He asked me to lay-down,to start the scanning. I wait for the news so, I can start sucking life back into my cold shaking body.This man is so quite , Please say something because I can hear my own heart beat.And then I could not wait any-more,I have to ask him.So here i go with a shaking voice. Doctor, Do I need a Surgery? He start by saying this " Yes you do" .. Rest i didn't hear because I just needed that " YES " .