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Thursday, August 19, 2010

19th August 2010 My Video's

Hello Awesome , Rainy , amazing World,

I hope you all doing great & your are enjoying the last couple of weeks of this summer.

 I had been into the practice a couple of times since last time & believe me this Electro Device  makes miracle . Now my videos using that device for the very first time available on you-tube. I know there are some big changes &  I hope this can help you all as well. 

So all of you enjoy your day & watch these four Small clips , So you can get an overlook of this device .

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful 

Four Videos With each-there own Master Work :) :) :)

Video Number 1:
Mona 1 Without any Electro Power.

Video Number 2:
Mona 2 With an Electro Power.

Video Number 3:
Mona 3 With an Electro Power & Dictus :

Video Number 4:
Mona 4 With an Electro Power but without any  Dictus :

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11th August 2010 worldballons.blogspot.com

Hello Awesome World,

I been so busy from last couple of weeks specially after the accident, that you can't imagine.As you all remember , I had decided to buy a Fur and i want to use it, So that i can walk easily with a walker. It should help my feet to rais more. But then couple of weeks ago, My personal trainer which is a darling.She has found a new thing , which could be use instead of a Fur. "It is an electrode device as entrepreneurial muscles have not been in use for some time, the little device sends signals to the muscles faster." That little device is something new in market from England. I took small movie clips walking with that device and without that device. And i will upload that very soon. I already tried it and it look very promising , So i look forward to use it.

The next issue is that, I'm moving into a new home very soon. Therefor I have alot of stuff to manage.So if I'm not around that much please bare with me. The next month is gona be very busy. I hope you all are enjoying the last couple of weeks of this summer season.

Enjoy life & Remember to Smile .......  Because Life is beautiful & So is our small human wishes ....... Even thought the times when we feel like that all the doors are close and all the options are gone.Then always remember there is door open for you.

So Everyone Stay Happy & Enjoy life....... Because It's Beautiful  

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23rd March 2010

23rd of March 2010:

I could not get any sleep last night. I was so excited because i had a question in my mind , Do i need any Surgery?We
( Me & Mom ) checked into Hotel Arena , In Tyche . The travel agency had sent Peter to pick-up me and Mom from the Airport.There was one hour drive from Airport to the Hotel. Now i was in the hotel & i was " One Step Closer to Take a Step" . I Decided to rest two hours Before I needed to go to the Ultra-Scan.

Peter came back to drive us to the hospital. Another lady is coming with us. Her name is Phoebe , She is from United Kingdom. I had sent her a report about CCSVI almost a month ago. Here We Are, Sharing the same Cap to meet Dr. Jacek Kostecki for the very first time.The man which will change my life and give me my freedom back.

Every one is so nice here in Poland. Before Dr. Kosctecki i need to visit a neurologist . He asked me several questions, which were asked by several neurologists from the past Six Years.I really didn't care what the neurologists was saying. I am just interested to know,If i have any blocked Vein.The minutes were like long hours for me. Finally Dr. Jacek kostecki called me IN. Literally my heart was jumping out of my body. Me & Mom went inside and shake hands. We exchange some polite words.This was as nice as i heard him on the phone until now. He asked me to lay-down,to start the scanning. I wait for the news so, I can start sucking life back into my cold shaking body.This man is so quite , Please say something because I can hear my own heart beat.And then I could not wait any-more,I have to ask him.So here i go with a shaking voice. Doctor, Do I need a Surgery? He start by saying this " Yes you do" .. Rest i didn't hear because I just needed that " YES " .