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Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 Dec. 2010 hello colorful world

Watch your thoughts because they become your words. Watch your words because they become your actions. Watch your actions because they become your character. And watch your character because it ultimately becomes your destiny."- Ayurvedic Philosophy

Being diagnosed with MS is an opportunity to grow and evolve. It does not mean doing all the same things as one had done before one's diagnosis. It is a wake up call to those who recognize that something has to change. You cannot do all the same things and expect things to be different.

The body mind and spirit connection is critical to healing. No drug provides this triad. The bad news is there cannot be a cure for MS by physical means alone, neither natural nor pharmaceutical. While it may sound cliche, you can be sure that the body mind and spiritual connections work interdependently. Your physical body is affected by the subtle aspects of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, both of which are connected with your spiritual connection. And what does this all entail? For body, aside from any medications or herbal supplements, the focus is on nourishing and detoxing the body, exercise, yoga, acupuncture or any form that promotes circulation of the life force throughout one's body, and eliminates or reduces stagnation. For mind, great attention should be placed on emotional triggers, strengtheners and releases. For spirit, prayer and/or meditation must be given regular attention. Not one of the three critical elements should be disregarded.

Some of you may already know this, and this is a reminder to anyone who does not. I seem to be running a lot into a woman who has MS and is in a wheelchair. My observation is she is doing very little to try to improve her situation. The tone in her voice is monotone. She seems very hesitant to believe her situation can change. She is easily distracted and unfocused. And this woman is highly intelligent, an engineer. But she has no passion, no direction, her energy has dwindled. Please don't let yourselves let your spirit, your passion, your efforts subside. I just want to shake this woman up, but I can only hope that one day she joins this group, and I am waiting for her to join it because I fear she is going to continue to let herself get worse. And I am asking you all, I am telling you, do not let yourselves lose hope that one can improve with MS, one can flourish, but it comes from the inside out. There is no two ways around this. Get yourselves fired up. Work on the three elements every single day. The people who you love who have MS need to be inspired every single day. We did not get MS overnight, and it does not go away overnight. But it can become manageable and you can have mastery over it. But you have to beileve it, and you have to follow through on what you need to do. And the answer may not be exactly the same for us all, but the healing of the three elements is universal for MS and for any disease or medical condition as well as for vibrant health.


                                           Now all of you Enjoy life, Because it's wonderfull.

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23rd March 2010

23rd of March 2010:

I could not get any sleep last night. I was so excited because i had a question in my mind , Do i need any Surgery?We
( Me & Mom ) checked into Hotel Arena , In Tyche . The travel agency had sent Peter to pick-up me and Mom from the Airport.There was one hour drive from Airport to the Hotel. Now i was in the hotel & i was " One Step Closer to Take a Step" . I Decided to rest two hours Before I needed to go to the Ultra-Scan.

Peter came back to drive us to the hospital. Another lady is coming with us. Her name is Phoebe , She is from United Kingdom. I had sent her a report about CCSVI almost a month ago. Here We Are, Sharing the same Cap to meet Dr. Jacek Kostecki for the very first time.The man which will change my life and give me my freedom back.

Every one is so nice here in Poland. Before Dr. Kosctecki i need to visit a neurologist . He asked me several questions, which were asked by several neurologists from the past Six Years.I really didn't care what the neurologists was saying. I am just interested to know,If i have any blocked Vein.The minutes were like long hours for me. Finally Dr. Jacek kostecki called me IN. Literally my heart was jumping out of my body. Me & Mom went inside and shake hands. We exchange some polite words.This was as nice as i heard him on the phone until now. He asked me to lay-down,to start the scanning. I wait for the news so, I can start sucking life back into my cold shaking body.This man is so quite , Please say something because I can hear my own heart beat.And then I could not wait any-more,I have to ask him.So here i go with a shaking voice. Doctor, Do I need a Surgery? He start by saying this " Yes you do" .. Rest i didn't hear because I just needed that " YES " .